NorthBay Energy’s mission is to reduce energy consumption and expense, and maximize the comfort and health of a dwelling, thus benefiting both the occupants and the environment. We view your property from a holistic standpoint. Every building is actually a complex System composed of numerous and interconnected sub-systems. When the “Building as a System” approach influences the design and construction, or remodeling of a project, the outcome is a healthier and more comfortable building in addition to maximized efficiency and minimized life cycle costs.

LEED® Consulting
(USGBC: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
NorthBay Energy specializes in assisting architects, builders, and home owners in achieving LEED Certification. The first three projects completed, out of 12 under our guidance, have achieved Platinum Certification with the balance aiming for Platinum as well. Our motto is “We’ve never met a building we couldn’t get to Platinum”. When brought into a project early enough, not only is Platinum achievable, but it is usually achievable at little or no additional cost. We also provide the same design assistance for those pursuing the LEED levels of quality but not interested in the certification process.

Project Management
NorthBay Energy, depending on your needs, can assist you with any and all aspects of project management. Whether consultation is needed to optimize HVAC design, Envelope specifications for optimum building performance, or a turn-key solution to your sustainable building needs, we have the experience to meet those demands. Through our in-house expertise and our network of experienced and vetted professionals, we can meet your design and execution demands.

General Construction

NorthBay Energy has been a licensed General Contractor in California since 1994 and Florida since 1978. We have built numerous high quality, sustainable and energy efficient projects, both residential and commercial during that time.

Energy Reduction Measures

We will analyze the cost / benefit ratio of applying the latest energy efficiency measures. We examine lighting and lighting controls, as well as insulation and roofing. We also review HVAC systems, drainage and landscaping plans, and overall construction design for efficacy of initial cost, life cycle cost, health, comfort and sustainability.

Renewable Energy
While we are no longer directly involved in the construction and installation of renewable energy systems, our considerable experience with renewable energy, both Solar Electric and Solar Thermal, enables us to provide the support necessary to optimize the design and return on investment. Renewable Energy firms will all quote a project with different parameters and designs. Understanding how to evaluate proposals and specify the appropriate design is a critical component of a successful installation.